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‘Covid . . . has resulted in over 60,000 excess deaths in the UK so far, so death and dying is front page news every day . . . people are talking more about death, grief and loss in a way they haven't before’.[1]

This extract from the BBC News website reports of a grief counselling conference being organized in the south-west of England. This is a sad reality and more people are likely to suffer bereavement, be unable to be with loved ones in their last hours of life, and only be able to have a small funeral because of a second government lockdown.

Those of us who have lost loved ones will be aware of the emotional pain and how long it can take to come to terms with loss. Our hearts go out to those who are experiencing such pain and loss during this pandemic.

However, we might ask the question, ‘Is there anything after death?’ Is this brief span of 50, 60, or 70 years all that we have?

Christians believe that there is something more. A verse very precious to every Christian is: ‘God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life’.[2] This verse tells us of a God who loves us and has shown His love by sending His Son to die for us. He wants us to have ‘everlasting life’ – a home in heaven and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. How can we get this ‘everlasting life’? As our verse tells us, we get it by faith – we confess our need of, and believe on, Jesus Christ as our Saviour.

When Jesus Christ was crucified outside Jerusalem some 2000 years ago, the Bible says, ‘Christ died for our sins’.[3] Heaven is not the ‘automatic’ outcome once we die. Our sins (the things we do that are wrong and against God) need to be forgiven. We need to put things right with God!

We hope that all who read this message remain safe, and virus free. We hope also that you might come to know Jesus Christ as your Saviour and be able to face the future with the knowledge and assurance of His presence and promise of everlasting life.

[1] [2] John chapter 3 verse 16, The Bible [3] 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verse 3.

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